Tuesday, November 09, 2010

no brainer breakfast

This is my daily breakfast, or at least a version of it.  I'll add in different flavours to keep it interesting, but this is my favorite version: banana, unsweetened almond milk,  vanilla soy, a scoop of Vega Whole Food Optimizer, cocoa, 1 tbsp of Udo's oil, and a dash of liquid iron. Into the blender and I've got a tasty breakfast that holds me for a couple of hours.

It's also my post-run drink with1.5-2 sccops of Vega WFO to get the max. protein.

Vega has become an essential ingredient to my daily vegan life. It's so great to see this company do well and have its creator, Brendan Brazier (a tri-athlete), promote a plant based lifestyle. I'll admit that when my friend red jane first introduced it to me, I wasn't that impressed and the flavour made me gag, but Vega has come a long way since then. They have a huge range of products (no, I don't work for them. I just really love the product) for every need (I also love their energy berry bars).
What would I do without my Vega! It's gluten-free and it contains all of the vitamins and minerals. It has all of the essential amino acids, and it's ready to mix. You can make it into a smoothie, or mix it with your favorite beverage, or even bake with it.

It's not comfort food or a fancy baked goody, but it is an essential part to my overall health. I often celebrate the rich vegan foods and I just wanted to remember and celebrate the everyday foods that I eat (or drink in this case) to try and maintain a healthy vegan lifestyle.


S.M. Elliott said...

Vega is awesome. :)

GiGi said...

I'm going to have to check out Vega!Thanx for posting that!