Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Most recent mushroom finds.

 Zeller's bolete (apparently edible, but the ones we found were inedible because they were full of maggots. I know, it sounds appetizing doesn't it?)
 Helvella lacunosa (I think)
I had to ask my stepdad, pw, about this one. He's much better at identifying than I am. I wasn't having much luck using my reference book, Mushrooms Demystified.
 I was also so startled by its appearance that I wondered if it was a plant and not a type of fungi.

 Our most recent collection of chanterelles.
We can't seem to get enough of them. Is it possible that I find them tastier this year compared to last?


mister anchovy said...

great're so fortunate to still be picking chanties!

omgoshimvegan said...

Thanks for sharing the photos. Must be great getting mushrooms that fresh.