Monday, March 29, 2010

Earth hour menu

db and I started a tradition of making an all raw meal for earth hour. The idea is that we'll be using less energy if we're not using the stove and/or oven. We still had to use the food processor, and blender, but they used far less energy than having the stove on.

Anyway, the idea is to try something we don't always do like turning the lights off at night, and just use candlelight to see, and making a raw meal.

I made a Swiss Chard soup for our starter. You can just barely see my glass of pineapple, ginger & pear juice. I forgot to take a photo of the juice.
Here's the main course. We made vegetable fettucine with a macadamia nut alfredo sauce. The sauce was amazing! I think creamy nut sauces are my favorite now. It's the best way to make a cream sauce. We also consume less soy that way, and being vegan you can consume quite a bit of soy if you let yourself. We're actually not too bad though.

Anywho...the dinner was delcious. (The heavy shadows in the picture must be from the candlelight. I like how the basil is casting a dark shadow on the pasta).

The desert was a chocolate mousse made with avocado (don't knock it until you try it!), dates, raw agave syrup, and cocoa. It's so creamy and smooth. I also added some cacao nibs for an extra rich chocolatey flavour. The mousse was so rich and delicious. I finished mine before I could take a picture, but I'll be making this again soon because it really is so tasty, and again no soy or refined sugars. It's all good.


Wandering Coyote said...

Oooh, love the new template!

Chocolate mousse made with avocado sounds really intriguing! I just found a recipe for a sweet avocado pie in the latest Food Network Magazine, and I am tempted to try it since avocados are on sale right now and I have all the other ingredients on hand.

The creamy nut sauce does sound amazing!

sp said...

Thanks. It's nothing I created. I just don't know how to do such things, but Blogger has new templates and I thought I'd try one out.

The mousse/pudding is easy-peasy.

1/4 cup soaked medjool dates (soak them in warm water until they soften up).
2-3 tbls of agave or maple syrup
(whatever you have on hand)
2-3 tbls of water
1 tsp vanilla
1 1/2 avocados
1/4 cup cocoa

Pit the dates. Put them in a food processor with the agave/maple syrup, water, and vanilla and puree until smooth.

Add the avocado and cocoa. Process until it's all creamy and smooth.

That's it. I did add cocoa nibs, but it's not essential. I may have also added a little more agave than what I wrote here, but just add enough until you get the sweetness that you like.

Captain Karen said...

Sounds yummy! Like Coyote I love the new template. I'm stunned that its a new Blogger one! I'll have to have a look.

red jane said...

Beautiful meal- I love chocolate avocado mousse- easy and impressive. And LOVE the new template as well!