Monday, March 29, 2010

My Pen

I'll tell you an odd thing about myself. When I'm at work, I always use the same pen, and I don't really like to share it. If I loan it to someone it's usually with reluctance.
I was mimicking this character from Kids in the Hall to db, but he didn't know the reference so I had to look it up for him to watch. Thought I'd share.


Captain Karen said...

I'm the same way with my work pens. At one point, I went so far as to put my name on them because they kept disappearing. Sadly, no one at work gets the "My pen! My Pen! You've stolen my pen!" reference either. It makes me feel old.

mister anchovy said...

I use a mechanical pencil at work. Not just any mechanical pencil though. I like Staedler Remedy mechanical pencils for .5mm refills, and I prefer 2B refills, nice and soft. Steal my mechanical pencil and I suggest you be very,very careful destroying the evidence.

Anonymous said...

my dear friend and cat-sitter W. and I had a great laugh over the pen video...I'm trying to write hyphenated words because W. wants to know when to use them. Earth-day-candle-lit-raw-vegan meal? How's that? W. came up with that. She loved your photos. You now have a new blog-follower. Right?