Thursday, March 18, 2010

Run Vegan Run

The cold weather suprised me. Seeing that the morning sunny and clear, and after hearing a weather report that was promising mid-teen temperatures, I was ready for a good run. I wondered if I was perhaps overdressed since on Tuesday I had to peel a layer off after only 2 minutes of running. Then I stepped outside and brrr. I hopped back in and put on my hat and grabbed my gloves. It was almost frosty. It's got to be the higher elevation. Problem one was solved. Problem two was that my legs felt like lead. I hate the lead leg days. It's so tough to keep going, and I spend a lot of time fighting the urge to walk. I kept running. The lead legs did not pass.

I decided to run the exact route I ran on Tuesday just to see how the lead legs would affect me. On Tuesday I had felt good after completing a short run up the hill, over a few streets and back. That's my short run route. Tuesday's time was okay for a short easy run. Today's time was faster! Huh? Even though I felt like I was running slower than ever, I actually did the loop 45 seconds faster. I know 45 seconds doesn't sound like a lot, but it is when you feel sluggish, and have to fight almost every step of the way.

Very strange, but at least I'm consistent, and I know if I work through the tough bouts then it will pay off.

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