Wednesday, May 21, 2008

long weekends

My long weekend wasn't really any longer than usual since I worked on Saturday. At least db and I had two days off together which is always a bonus. And as it is typically the case for gardeners, the May long weekend was all about the garden.

We started Saturday night when I got home from work, taking advantage of the longer daylight hours, and did some more pruning in the front. That was a pretty physically demanding day for me since I biked to work (11k), spent the day on my feet running around at work, and then came home and pruned a hedge. I was spent, but that wasn't going to stop me.

Sunday I got up early for a run. db came with me! Hurray! He's signed up for the Victoria half marathon now so he has to start building up his endurance again. We did a short 3.5 k and that was plenty for both of us. After breakfast we travelled to a couple of nurseries and picked up just a few things to finish off our planting plans for the season. i once thought that this garden was huge and I'd never be able to fill it, but now we're actually running out of space!

Back at home we dug out the raised bed at the front of the house and put new soil in. It's a lot easier to write that in one sentence than it is to actually do. Let's just say there was several wheelbarrows full of sand and soil being carted to various parts of the yard that involved moving the wheelbarrow up and down some slate stairs and there was also several trips of buckets of earth up and down the front stairs. It was a workout and a half. With the new bed installed, we planted tomatoes, basil, zucchini, and perennials. I put my new clematis in one corner so it can climb up the stone face of the house (I hope).

Sunday I wanted to rest and recover, but we got back out in the garden, in the light rain, and finished up all the loose ends, like tidying up the bulbs, transplanting anything we hadn't done yet.

Our poor kitties were feeling a bit neglected. I'm trying to make it up to them this week. db bought Gigi a beautiful pineapple and she's been happily chewing on the green spikes for several days now. She's very happy. Prima just needs a warm lap and that makes her day. Pretty easy to please really.

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