Friday, May 30, 2008

get well soon

Hi Rupert! Get well soon!

Rupert's the big guy who hasn't been feeling well this past month.
He's one of my sister's cats and is now living in Montreal. I use to live downstairs from Rupert when we all shared a home in Toronto so I spent a lot of time with the big guy getting to know him. Rupert and I have been through a series of vet trips while I was looking after him and there was the time he escaped from the deck and got lost (only to be discovered under the garage). He seemed to have lost all his outdoor instinct once he became indoor kitty. We always wondered if he would have survived much longer on the street anyway because he was so timid and not very street smart. Fortunately, he hung out in our backyard for some time while my sister fed him and made sure he had lots of water. Finally, she knew she had to bring him into the family and Rupert was very happy to not only be inside with a big comfy bed, but also to be nearer to the food source.

He can't get enough love now.

He's got a ferocious appetite, but it as sweet and gentle as they come (except with Ruggles, his fluffy white nemesis). He's an FIV kitty so when health issues come up it's a big concern because his immune system is compromised.
Also, even though he's very loving and fairly social, he can easily get frightened so things like trips to the vet traumatize the poor guy. When he comes home from the vet he will hide under the bed for some time.

Get well soon Ruppie. We're all wishing you well!


mister anchovy said...

He's very handsome. We have an FIV cat, Jerry. He's been with us for a few years now and is doing pretty well.

Red said...

Oh, poor lil' Rupert. Does he have to stay at the vet's for a few days or is it just a quick in-and-out visit? I hope the latter, especially as the boy gets so traumatized by the whole experience. :(

sp said...

Rupert is very handsome isn't he. I'm so glad Jerry has you and Tuffy. What a lucky cat.

red: he's home from the vet. The vet was amazing. My sister spent the day with Rupert at the vet in a secluded area so he could stay calm. He came home that night and since then has improved steadily. He does have to go back for another test, but that won't be for another week or so.

Vegan Run Amok said...

Oh, I hope Rupert feels better soon! What a handsome boy he is!

My last cat, Simon - my baby! - was FIV+. He had a number of minor upper respiratory episodes as he got older but was otherwise pretty healthy until finally he developed an inoperable nerve sheath tumor at around age 15 or maybe even older. (We were never totally sure of his age as he was already five to seven, our vet thought, when we adopted him.)

FIV+ kitties can do very well for a long time if they're given proper care. Rupert is so lucky that your sister was compassionate enough to take him in!

I just got caught up reading your older posts from the past few weeks, too, and wow! You guys are gardening machines! And how great that he's going to do the half marathon! That will make training more fun, I bet, knowing that you'll be doing the same event (well, different events, I guess, but in the same place on the same day!).

red jane said...

I had no idea- oh poor Rupie!!!!! He;s a trooper though so I have high hopes for him.