Saturday, May 03, 2008

Almost here

Today I picked up my race package, activated my chip (the little timer that you attach to your shoe so it records an accuate finish time), and did the rounds at the expo.

We drove in to meet up with red jane and missed the turn off to her street that landed us in Stanley Park, which worked out well since we had to drive much of the route I'll be running tomorrow. It was nice to see the park and gave me an opportunity to start visualizing what i have to do tomorrow: have fun, believe in myself and go for it!

The weather promises to be sunny and with a 5 k wind so I'm not worried about rain. It'll be cool so it'll be like most mornings I've been running.

Now I'm off to bed, reminding myself that if it gets tough during the run I'm going to think of my mom since she helped me out by paying for my registration and she has cheered me on since I started running.


Captain Karen said...

Good luck tomorrow! HOpe the weather holds. Woo hoo! Race day is so exciting!

Anonymous said...

Have a great run!!!!
I'm thinking of you today, Sunday.
Run, have fun, and say hi to Betty P. for me.
L, L.

Vegan Run Amok said...

What a great mom! That's awesome. :)

sp said...

Thanks! I had a great run. More on that later.

vegan run amok: she's an awesome mom. She's been so supportive.