Thursday, March 27, 2008

I'm waiting.

I did recently catch a news story about Subaru introducing its electric vehicle (EV) in New York city for test drive. There's also a story here where I read a little more about it's testing in North America. It's getting closer right? The EV is coming?

With the recent news about the iceberg breaking away from an Antarctic ice shelf, I just hope that it's not too little too late.


Karen said...

See? IF they just hadn't gotten rid of that electric car from the 90s (I forget the name), we might have been able to prevent some of what's happening today...or at least postpone it. Now? We could be in some real serious trouble. Just think what that giant block of ice is going to do to the salinity of the ocean. Anyone watch The Day After Tomorrow???? YIKES!

Please please please give us a decent electric car! What ever happened to that company in Ontario. I remember you did a post on it and Rick Mercer visited it as well.

sp said...

I haven't seen the Day After Tomorrow.

Zenn Motor Company is still operating out of Quebec with it's biggest market being the US. I hope they stay here.

Vegan Run Amok said...

I'm interested in this, too, although unfortunately in my state most of our electricity comes from coal, still (and they're building MORE coal powered plants, can you believe it?) which makes me wonder whether in our region biodiesel might actually be the more environmentally friendly choice? It's hard for a layperson to know how to compare the technologies when they all have some drawbacks, still. :(

Solar, though... now it seems like that would be perfect for where I live.

sp said...

Hey vra, you've got pedal power!