Thursday, March 13, 2008

The Elimination Diet Challenge

So I saw the ND today. She was great and we sorted through my various health issues and I've started on a new plan to improve my health. She went over my blood test results with me and suggested  that I do have a type of anemia. My iron is low as is my B12. Now my "traditional" doctor didn't see a problem with the iron and B12 levels, but the ND suggested that the prescribed guidelines for high and low levels is not a set rate. In other words, if I'm on the lower level as far as she's concerned it's too low and needs to be dealt with. Another area that she brought my attention to was my red blood cells (is this getting too personal? Maybe, but so-be-it.). From what I understood my red blood cell size is larger than normal. So the dizziness or lightheadedness I've been experiencing is most likely a symptom of anemia. There are several other indicative symptoms but there's no need to go into my whole history with everyone here. 

Finally I feel like I'm getting to the root of the problem and can now treat it. It's such a great feeling. For once I left a doctor's office feeling better. I didn't get to leave without a B12 shot. Waaahhh! I hate needles. I mean I really really hate needles. I stop breathing when I see a needle (not a sewing needle thank goodness or a knitting needle). Anywho...I had the stupid shot in my hip and now it's a bit sore. I'll be stopping back once a week for a bit for a regular B12 shot. I asked her about the B12 patch, but she hadn't heard about it. I'm not even sure if it's in Canada yet. She thought it was a good idea but really felt the shot was the best option for immediate treatment. So I'll just have to deal with that.

I've got some new supplements and one of the things we discussed was having an allergy test. However, when I learned that the blood test she does cost 300 dollars I opted for the elimination diet as a way to test for allergies. I'll do the blood test when I have the extended health care plan (if ever). So...tomorrow I'll start my elimination diet. Being vegan it really isn't a huge change for me since many of my foods are on the "foods to include" list. The big one will be removing wheat from my diet since I eat bread 82 times a day and we have pasta almost as much. The big hurt will be eliminating caffeine. I can't even fathom what that's going to be like. Well, actually I can since I once went on the McDougall Program that required no caffeine and I became a herbal tea drinker. I remember three days of headaches and crankiness and about a week before I felt "better." db has promised to make me a tea latte with my unsweetened almond milk. He's also ready to research a new gluten free pizza crust so I can still enjoy pizza night. We bought some rice pasta that promises to be "Not Mushy" so that's promising. Between the supplements and the diet I should start to feel more energetic. 

I do have dinner plans tomorrow but eating in a vegan restaurant should make things easier and I decided for this one night out I'm not going to be too concerned with food for one dinner. Being decaffeinated I just hope I can stay awake through dinner. 

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Vegan Run Amok said...

Hooray! I'm so glad you finally found a doc who's helpful and supportive. That's great that db is going to help you out with the elimination diet! That kind of support will make it easier.

As for the caffeine - wow. My name is Vegan Run Amok and I'm a caffeine addict and I don't care, ha! (Which is why you and many others will probably outlive me.)