Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Anniversary Prima

The 21st was the fifth anniversary of Prima joining the family. Five years ago we decided to adopt her from Abbey Cats and drove up to Richmond Hill to visit her at her foster home. She was very affectionate and came right up to us. She had a little red collar with a tiny bell on it so the other cat in the foster home could hear her coming. It wasn't a hard decision (it never is) and she came home to whoville with us.
When we opened the carrier she ran under the couch where she stayed for several hours. I worried that she might never come out, but she eventually did and was so affectionate and has remained the same since. Well to be honest she took over the house really. Someone has to be queen, right?


Anonymous said...

Don't forget, she came out from under that couch without that collar! We searched and searched, but to no avail - we never found that collar!
Happy anniversary Prima!

mister anchovy said...

Prima is beautiful. I like her little tent, too!

Karen said...

I LOVE her cat tent. So cute. Congrats to you and kitty for finding each other :)

Anonymous said...

Bonne Anniversaire!! PRIMI!!!

L, Aunt sis

Vegan Run Amok said...

What a pretty girl! She's lucky she found you. I'm sure she's quite spoiled - as every cat should be!!

sp said...

She's very spoiled.