Monday, November 05, 2007


The leaves are really covering the ground everywhere now. The other day I noticed snow on the mountains for the first time. And the time change also signals fall to me. I know it's November, but this is the first time I've felt fall is in full swing.

Even though there isn't a whole lot of excitement waiting at the bus stop, there was an incredible sky.

Nothing too exciting going on in whoville on Sunday. We just ran our errands with a stop at one of the creeks to see if the salmon were starting their journey upstream and indeed they are.
I took some video images of the salmon on their journey that I'll post shortly.

By the way I just found out that I won the postcard challenge over at mister anchovy's! Woohoo!


Red said...

How cool, I look forward to the footage of the salmon swimming upstream. You see these things on nature documentaries, but it feels so much more real when it's a "regular" person filming it, without any hyper-technical accoutrements.

And congrats on winning the Postcard Challenge!

Karen said...

We had snow on Sunday morning (yay!).

Congrats on the postcard challenge. I wasn't even close.

Um...please tell me you JUST changed your template. Otherwise I'll feel like an idiot.

sp said...

I just changed the template this week. It'll probably change again. I'm not great with html so I can't really go beyond what template blogger offers so that's the extent of my changes.

Vegan Run Amok said...

Oooo, pretty pictures! I especially love the one of the leaves. I attended college and grad school in Connecticut and we used to drive north in the fall to see the leaves. I'm back in the Southwest, now, and don't miss the crummy, slushy Northeast winters, but I do miss the fall!