Friday, November 16, 2007

the day after the video

Yesterday the news updated the reaction to the screening of the Dziekanski video. The radio reported that the cbc website was getting more hits than ever and people were going there to comment on and view the video. How did this end up as being a lead story about the death of Dziekanski? Who cares how many hits the cbc website gets? How is this news? How callous can you be? That seems like a shameless promotion for the cbc that had already prompted it's listeners and viewers to "stay tuned" for the video at 6 o'clock.

Now the deconstruction begins. Everyone is interpreting the video in many ways. I've already heard the police say that after the first taser shot Dziekanski was still struggling and aggressive which therefore required further taser shots. Once again I want to draw your attention to the police version of the Rodney King incident that also said King was fighting back after he was initially taken down by police.

In a more positive light, questions about the police actions are being questioned from the use of tasers to how recruits are trained. This is an important move since it is necessary that we (as a society) question how we are being policed. If we are open to questioning how we are being governed then it is also essential that a democracy question how it is being policed.

Dziekanski's death had led us to bigger questions and for me this is an important step to help prevent future tragedies.

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