Wednesday, November 07, 2007


the pelaton try and decide which route is the best.


mister anchovy said...

Marvellous creatures, aren't they? Somewhere or other, I read a curious story about the habits of salmon when running upstream. When they started building dams on the big rivers like the Colombia, experiments were apparently done using fish elevators (I guess like fancy-schmancy fish ladders), but the salmon wouldn't go into them. It turned out that the fish responded to the rush of water, and when they started pumping fast water through, the fish started using the devices to get around the dams.

sp said...

They are amazing.
Your story makes me think of the wildlife passes they've built over the highway around the Banff area to direct animals so that they can avoid the road and thus avoid getting hit by a car.
I always thought it was a kind idea, but a bit odd. I wondered if animals would just change their patterns or the way they move about to avoid these overpasses. I guess I'm wondering how we can presume that human logic applies to all species.