Sunday, November 18, 2007

sunday in whoville

Another busy Sunday. I started my day by capping my own coffee with noel nog (kind of a soy no-no but just a little suffering for an amazing latte) and it turned out beautiful. With db away in Montreal for coffee business meet and greets, I'm making my own lattes. The peaks of nog rising above the cup rim reminded me of Golden Ears or Blanshard Peak that I see so frequently around here. The froth and crema lasted until the last sip. Delicious.

Later I headed out for my run along the trans Canada trail (same link as above), deciding to explore a part of the trail I'd never been on. I really was looking forward to going a little further distance this week and thought the soft left strewn trail would be just what I needed. I felt great and was enjoying the sun when out in the open. The river was just rushing when I hit the coq. river trail. All I could hear was the river and my breathing. I went about two kilometers and then I saw three dogs come up over a dip in the trail. I have a bit of a phobia when it comes to strange big dogs. Furthermore, these dogs were not on leashes and I couldn't see an owner. When I saw a doberman with its ears pinned (dumb and pointless by the way) stop and start checking me out, I decided to stop, turn, and slowly walk the other way. Fortunately I had just passed an opening to a nearby street and I headed for that, trying to keep calm and not look back.

Once on the street I waited and thought the dogs might pass on the trail and perhaps I could head back in, but instead they sniffed around at the trail head and ran up and down to the river while the owner stood waiting. I gave up and kept running on the side streets. So much for my trail run. Nonetheless I had a great run and completed the last 2 k at a faster pace. I even ran most of the hill up to our house.

I find it rather annoying when Dog owners let their large guard dogs run freely on public trails that are clearly marked as "dogs on leash" trails. It's one thing on a less travelled hiking route, but quite another on a busy trail on a Sunday. Owners always say "don't worry s/he's friendly." Of course the dog is friendly to them, the dog knows them. I've seen dogs lurch towards me and the owner will scold the dog and apologize saying, "s/he never does that." Maybe it's me? I've seen dogs checking me out, wondering if I'm chewy or not.

Anywho...back at home I spent a couple of hours in the backyard raking leaves and planting the last of my bulbs. As always I get a little rushed when I realize I have lots of bulbs and am out of planning ideas. I started coring out soil all over the place, sticking in tulips, alliums, crocuses, and dutch iris. I also started tagging everything in the garden since so much of it will be gone over the winter and when they bring in the "landscapers" (Grrrr) next spring I want everything labeled and visible so that they don't start tearing out my precious perennials.

The sun was just starting to drop when I came in. I feel lucky to have had such great weather on my day off.

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Karen said...

I've never, in my entire 35 years, had egg nog. It just sounds...gross.

As for the dogs, I was walking on the sidewalk in a fairly busy residential area when I came upon a lady with two very large labs. One was on a leash (hanging limply from her hand) and the other was wandering on the lawn with no leash. Good thing dogs like me and I don't taste very good because both came running up to me and scared the bejeesus out of me. Thankfully all they did was sniff my crotch. Their owner's response to her own lack of doggie responsibility? "Oh...sorry".