Saturday, November 03, 2007

Christmas wish

I Took The Handmade Pledge!

True, my family doesn't really buy gifts for each other at Christmas. We sort of stopped that a while ago. We do make gifts for each other though or we do something like give the gift of a wine press so that we can make something in the future. There's been donations and adopt-a-chimp gifts and I think all of us have made each other something at some point (I apologize to family members for my early knitted socks before I knew how to really make them).

Nonetheless I'm taking the pledge because there is a gift here and there that I might buy (if I can't make it in time) and with Circle Craft coming up I may find a little something there for sis or whoever. I guess the point is if you have to buy, buy handmade.


Anonymous said...

Have been wracking my brain for homemade ideas...have come up with a few, but you'll just have to wait. md

Karen said...

This year, I'm only exchanging gifts with my mother and the neice and nephew. I'll buy something from the local farmer's market for the kids this year and I'm making my mother a shawl (hopefully it will turn out). I'm also making a hat for a family friend (skull toque...coooool) who joins us every year for the holidays. I think your idea is fabulous. Thoughtful AND it takes all the pressure of shopping away.