Wednesday, October 17, 2007

vino time part 2

This on is for P.

Take one wine press (the same one P gave you for Christmas).
Take your fermented crushed grapes that have been sitting doing their thing all week.
Get into that barrel and go after those grapes.
Add the grapes to the press.
Start pressing and keep pressing. You've got to work for that vino.
Keep a demi-john (now what is the etymology of that word!) handy to transfer your newly pressed juice. Make sure you strain it through a fine sieve as well.

Open up the press to reveal the "cheesecake" (as sis calls it).
Have an inspector look it over.

Remove all the skins, seeds, stems from the press and loosen it all up.
Have the second inspector look it over before putting it back into the press.
Press it again. Yes, again! You need that extra bottle to be squeezed out of those grapes. You'll be glad you did later.

Watch it trickle into the container. Let it rest. Crank it again. Let it rest. Have a beer. Finish filling the demi-john(s) and six months later open it up and drink.


Red said...

Ooh, those inspectors look pretty strict. Did your vino pass or did it fall foul of their stringent criteria? :D

Love that your cats are so interested in the whole wine-making business... they're nosey creatures, aren't they?

Salute! (In six months' time.)

sp said...

One of them was quite strict delaying the pressing while she fought with her sister over the window ledge. As for a pass? I would say that they permitted us to go ahead as they lost interest in what we were up to.

mister anchovy said...

that looks like a lot of fun!