Thursday, October 11, 2007

it's vino time!

What do you do after you run a marathon and your partner runs a half? You make wine of course!
Last year we didn't get the opportunity to make wine because we were doing the big move. Over the winter db made wine from a kit which actually wasn't too bad. However, nothing compares to making it from the grape yourself. db is very knowledgeable about winemaking. Not only is it a family tradition for him (I made a film about it once) but he's also read tons and has always experimented with technique to get a particular flavour from his wine. Since we've been together I have to say that his wine keeps getting better each year.

It took a bit of work to find a good supplier here. We thought grapes would be a little easier to find being so close to California. db eventually found a supplier who happened to be marking down all the California grapes to clear them out making room for the incoming Washington grapes (we'll have to try those next year. MMmmm Pinot). No grapes seem to come in from the Okanagan and I'm not sure why. Anywho...we got some old vine Zinfandel for next to nothing and some quality Merlot.

The challenge is making this stuff in your laundry room instead of the garage we use to have. It's a challenge, but we're managing. It should be interesting to see how the pressing goes next week.


mister anchovy said...

Wow, good for you! It must be very gratifying to make a good batch and enjoy it later.

sp said...

I cherish our homemade wine. The hardest part is having to wait for it to be ready.