Friday, October 19, 2007

recent Afghan poll

I admit that I refused to watch the results of this poll on the National last night because I was angry at the whole idea. db asked why I didn't want to watch and I (perhaps flippantly) replied "because it's a poll that is self-serving to the government so they can continue to sell this war to Canadians." That was my gut reaction.

After sleeping on it, I browsed the headlines this morning and decided I needed to read the results. It confirmed what I thought that the purpose of this poll is another way to help endorse a Canadian military presence in Afghanistan. Peter McKay comments "Afghans are now able to take part in democratic processes like polling." Oh please. It's not the first time a poll of Afghan opinion has surfaced in order to serve a continued military presence in their country. Here's an link with poll results from 2005. Here's another link with poll results from 2004. The polls emphasize a majority, however small, recognizing that their lives are better than previous years.

After reading the headlines, I'm sticking with my gut reaction on this one.

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Anonymous said...

Perhaps it's best to stay informed and know what the government is up to. It's a good thing you looked up the results because it prompted you to write this post.