Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Vegan Pear Torte 2007!

After my three days off, I had to return to work. We all do right? It was difficult because D. had an extra day off and I thought of the fun we could be having if only I had had the extra day off too. I came home from work, walked into the kitchen and was astounding to find this beautiful creation

Even after all the food from the holidays I somehow found room for this. D. adapted it from a recipe his mother sent him. She had made it over Christmas. I think we should do the same next year. The shapes on the top are made from marzipan. I had a little whipped soy on the side and it was divine.

Maybe we should post the recipe, D?


Anonymous said...

Yes. Please do post the recipe. Did D use cookie cutters for the stars? Love the kitty pictures acting bad except S who is such a sweet elegant old girl. Happy New Year. M.

sp said...

I'll send you the recipe, M. Yes D did use cookie cutters, ones I had from my grandmother.