Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Free stuff

Free internet.
Free software upgrade.
Free soy chai latte.
I can't believe I'm at Fivebucks and all this is free.
I couldn't connect at home so I walked down the hill on this gloriously beautiful spring-like day and parked myself at Fivebucks hoping to pick up a freebie connection and avoid their "hotspot" fee. Success.
I registered my trial screenwriting software (after getting some tech advice) and got the free upgrade and now ... success (true, I paid for the initial software at the start, but it feels like it's free).
Then, one of the Fivebucks employees carried around a tray of new flavour samples, but when I told him I don't venture into dairyland...five minutes later he brought me a FULL sized soy version (not the little sample shot, but a tall one.
Phew, the caffeine is swimming through the system now. I had a green tea before and now more caf.
I love free stuff.


red jane said...

Fantastic! Free is good! BTW, I can upload my screenwriting software two more times for free- once onto my new MAc and once onto yours if you like.

mister anchovy said...

they are just getting you hooked on the $5bucks experience...soon you will be a $5bucks zombie at their beck and call....you will be living on soy frappaccinos injected into your veins......

...at my workplace, there is a Tims franchise that makes coffee that tastes like auto parts....finally, I brought in some good coffee, a french press, some organic sugar and my own milk and a thermos...every day I make a batch, sometimes two batches of heavenly brew. yum.

Anonymous said...

Hey, how are you ? I am catching up on blogs and such. Its been awhile since I have been online. Hope your life is well. Free stuff is great !! Take care, Tracy

Wandering Coyote said...

Free stuff is always good! Especially from Fivebucks!

sp said...

But mister anchovy why don't you join us? It's only five bucks. JOIN US, join us, join us.

Thanks r.j. I've got the Final Draft installed and I'm writing away.

I was wondering what that Tim's flavour was. It IS autoparts. I won't drink the stuff. No worries, we have a beautiful machine at home (thanks to D's job at Saeco) that perks me up in the morning and that's all I need for the day. Granted the machine was made for Fivebucks by Saeco and somebody returned it to Saeco so maybe the logo was branding itself on my brain.

Trace! It's great to hear that you're back.