Tuesday, January 09, 2007

On the subject of birds

I just saw an eagle on my way up the hill during my run. This gave me a good excuse to stop running up that crazy hill, but I also try to remember to stop and take in my surroundings when I run. There was no time to jog the extra steps to the house to grab the binoculars so I watched the eagle soar above me, circling, moving it's way down the ridge. I know s/he saw me too.
Now I've seen evidence of why the area is called "Eagle Ridge."

A wind warning is in effect and it seems to have just kicked up here so I'm going to lay low on my day off and get some things done around here.

I also wanted to add a link for anyone to check out. This page of info contains a video depicting turkey factory farming and will give you an idea of why I'm vegan. I've decided to add these links for anyone to go to since what I encounter most when in conversation with people is their lack of information about how animals end up as meat in the grocery store. Everyone seems to have a general sense of slaughter houses and that it might not be very nice, but the more concrete details really aren't available. So, please take a moment to read. I admit that I can never watch the videos since being permanently scarred by a couple of films on fur and the meat industry so I tend to read the text and that conjures up enough for me to keep me in touch with what is going on in the human/animal relationship in this world.

Sunday we went to Delta which was wide open and flat with a big sky above us. As we wound along the river I saw one farm field with just one turkey sitting out in the middle of it. It was such a strange sight for me and I almost thought maybe s/he was lost or had wandered away from the rest. Who knows. Anyway, I was amazed at the size of the creature and even though I only caught a quick glimpse I felt joy knowing that there was this one turkey out in the open (not too far from the barn) just doing his/her thing.


red jane said...

SInce the farm and meeting three turkeys in person, I have an entirely new reverence for these birds. They are quite prehistoric looking, almost dinosaur like with their full wattles and armoured skin. I think it's brilliant to include all the links you can for those not entirely cognizant of the chain that leads their animal protein from "field" (factory farm) to "table" (Safeway/Save On, etc. meat dept.)Bravo and I thank you for spreading the word.
Carzy wind, huh?

sp said...

Very crazy wind. It didn't last long here though. I'm waiting for the promised snow now.