Monday, May 31, 2010

Mmmm Morels

Oh the morels! No, we didn't harvest these. A friend of my step-dad's went mushroom hunting near Pemberton (one of the burn sites from last year) and brought back quite a haul. She was selling bags of morels so we asked for one. pw gave us one, and wow they are beautiful. 

Tonight I made a mushroom sauce with them, and served it over pasta. It turned out very well. I added some button mushrooms we had on hand to fill out the sauce a little more. 

It's a pretty simple sauce: onions, garlic, fresh herbs, mushrooms, white wine, & veg broth. I would have served it with Fettucine, but I didn't have any, so we decided on Penne.

We have plans for something a little more elaborate with the rest of the mushrooms. 

I wouldn't mind going to Pemberton myself. Apparently, she's quite willing to let people know where she went. I think we'd be fine searching any area around there. I wonder how combed through the Lilloet and Pemberton area is by now.


mister anchovy said...

The concept of searching burn sites for morels seems to be a totally western experience. No such thing here in Ontario. Here, secret spots are carefully guarded. I don't have good morel spots yet. I have good spots for a number of other mushrooms, and hopefully next spring I'll find the mother-lode of morels. I have to wait for next spring because morels are effectively done for the season out here. I found one a week ago, and I think that one just didn't get the memo saying the season was over. Now we're into oyster mushrooms and they're fun because when you do find a tree with oysters, you fill your basket pretty fast. We had some rain last night and there are more thunderstorms expected this week, so I'm hoping there will be a new fruiting of oysters by the weekend.

sp said...

mister anchovy, enjoy oyster mushroom season!
That's interesting about the "burned area" morel sites. Unfortunately, there are many burned sites in BC because of the numerous forest fires last year. Morels are one of the positive things about a burned site.