Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Run Vegan?

The run:

25 minutes (that's the time limit for all of the cardio equipment) on the treadmill, and then I headed upstairs to the track for another 10 minutes of running (that's all the time I had for running).

The mantra:

"If I don't have the time to stretch, I don't have the time to run."

Achilles update:

A little achy Achilles for the first 5 minutes on the treadmill, but then it faded. It was tired by the end of the day (after 4 hours at Wildlife Rescue tending to at least half of the 92 ducklings we now have there).

Physio update:

I went to physio for the last time, and she emphasized again that I cannot run any hills for a while. She did a little massage, ultrasound, and concluded with 10 mins of the muscle stim machine.

How to avoid the boredom of a treadmill? (Remember when I loved the treadmill before I started running outside?)

With this type of running, I will definitely need my ipod shuffle to keep me going. I've started listening to CBC's Ideas podcasts when I run. It's almost an hour long, and it gives me a chance to listen to something a little more interesting. It doesn't always have to be music to keep me going.

My running season:

It's on hold. There's so much I want to run (Scotiabank end of June, Portland in October, Rubber Ducky 1/2 marathon, also in October), but I have to wait and see how my Achilles responds to the treatment. I'm sticking to my marathon training schedule though, with some modifications.

  • Ice, ice, baby (as my physio always says).
  • Perhaps a massage in a couple of weeks to really give those calves something to cry about.
  • Calf raises with a goal of 20 per calf (It burns at 15!). 
  • No hill running (i.e. treadmill, track, flat Poco trail only). Maybe I'll explore some of the various tracks around my neighbourhood and rate them.
  • Easy hikes only. No long hilly hikes. Those seem to really aggravate it.
Sorry db, I guess that means that we won't be foraging for morels in Pemberton this weekend. :-(


Anonymous said...

Wow, great advice for anyone!I feel for you and your injury. I have a slight achilles pain, and will stretch and ice as you have explained. Gee, will I be running alone for the Saint John half? I'll keep training. I'm slower these days, must build up my mileage. take care of your achilles. xo,

sp said...

I'll run with you, sis. Or I should say, I'll watch you run as you take off at your blistering pace. I'll plod along after you.