Saturday, March 07, 2009

New home

I saw the place up the hill from us. It was nice and bright with a backyard, but it was a little cold. It was very modern looking, but that also made it a little sterile and I felt like it was just a box with no character. There was a suite next to it that they rented with a young mom and her six year old boy and that coupled with the homeowners upstairs with 2 kids and 2 dogs seemed like a very busy place where it would always be noisy. I expect the backyard wouldn't be very peaceful at all.

The woman renting the place was quite nice, but she seemed a little high maintenance. She also told me that her business was importing lamb from New Zealand and I know that shouldn't make a difference on my living space, but it did and I thought having a positive relationship with her would be a struggle. She seemed to be encouraging me to call back and was very eager for me to come back and see the place with db. I get the feeling that db and I could have posted ourselves on craigslist we could just wait for people to make us an offer.

Anywho...we went to the suite on the park and signed a lease! The nice older couple will be our new landlords. They were open to us starting a compost and are going to pay for the paint for our place and in general seemed very pleased that we agreed to live there.

Of course I dread packing and the boxes stacked everywhere, but I am excited about making the place our own, putting our own mark on it. We take possession on the 15th of April and will move boxes over the week, paint on the weekend (our anniversary weekend -- how romantic), move more boxes and then have movers come in to move the rest of our furniture the last weekend of April.

So April should be a little hectic to say the least.


Wandering Coyote said...

Moving is always a hassle, but I'm glad you found a place you both like and that is full of possibilities!

Jeni Treehugger said...

Hey congratulations! I'll hopefully be moving in a couple of weeks too so I hear ya on the packing chaos.

mister anchovy said...

glad you found a place so quickly!

sp said...

Good luck with the move Jeni.

red jane said...

Wow, what a whirlwind! I"m really happy you've found a place you both like and it's still close to where you's exhausting but kind of exciting to build a whole new space, too.