Tuesday, September 16, 2008

walk, run, edit

Congratulations to my mom who completed her 10k walk at the Montreal marathon! Her time was 1:54. She took 10 minutes off of her time and is very proud (as she should be)! Walk vegan walk!

This year my mom joined the walking group at her local Running Room and has met some great people who are very supportive of each other. Mom started out at the back of the pack, but now she can keep pace with them. She's come a long way in a short time. She's always been a walker. She doesn't own a car and lives in a very walkable city, but the Running Room walking is a bit different since the focus is on distance walking, pacing, hills etc (very similar to running training).

It's made a great difference in her life. So this is very cool that she's always improving and loving it.this photo is actually from the Ottawa 10 k.


Saturday I did go for a very early morning run with db. We ran for an hour and that was about all I wanted to do. I iced my calf post-run and felt pretty good about how it went.

db checked the marathon site to see what the cut-off date is for changing from one event to another. Apparently I can change my plans the day before the race when I'm at the running expo.

My plan? Pick up my training schedule where I left off. This means a very long run this Sunday which will give me a good idea if I can go the distance or not.

The Trail River Run is coming up (Sept 27). I'd like to do that since I had so much fun last year. It's a soft surface which is important for me right now and it's flat. So I think I should register for that event. I'm hoping db will do the 10 k event in the same race. Also, it's a 9 am start so it's fairly late as events go so I'm all for that. We also can bike there from here and there's nice facilities for changing and storing our stuff. I think I've just convinced myself to register.The route starts near Hyde Park and turns around just past Dominion and then goes along the Slough to a second turn around before heading back to Hyde Park.


Last night I went to my first continuing education course at SFU (Simon Fraser University). It's an editing course. I was pretty nervous wondering what in hell am I doing there, telling myself that I can leave, planning my escape, wondering if I can get my money back. I soon settled down and made it through the class introductions, and the group chit chat. I did not leave on the break. I made it through the whole class.

I did learn that I'm definitely not a copy editor (as you may have noticed from this blog). I rarely edit myself anyway. It did clarify that I am truly passionate about film story editing, but I recognize that I have to broaden my knowledge if I want to do any freelance work.

It does make for a long Monday when I work and then travel into Van city for the course. From work it's less than an hour to get there by skytrain, but coming home it's almost an hour and a half. Last night the bus driver shut the lights on the bus so I couldn't even read! Very frustrating. I think I'll take me book light with me next week.


Wandering Coyote said...

I'm so happy for your mom! That's awesome!

As for the editing course, you might be surprised. Who knows what you might pick up? Good for you to sign up and go.

Anonymous said...

thanks for the support...you are one of my big inspirations. I think of you when I get near the end and then I can put on a big spurt. Thanks again.

Vegan Run Amok said...

Congratulations, Mom Of SP!

I think it's great that you're taking that class. Film story editing sounds like it would be fun - something different all the time!