Friday, September 12, 2008

I ran down the hill to get to my physio appointment. I am notoriously late for just about everything and the only way I thought I'd get to my physio appointment on time was if I ran to the bus stop. I know it takes me 10 minutes to run to the cross streets where the physiotherapists' offices are located inside the aquatic center, but I wasn't dressed for running that far, nor did I want to run that far. Running down the hill did not seem like a good idea with a stressed out calf, but I felt fine. I've been feeling fine for a couple of days now since I've stopped running. At the bottom of the hill a bus showed up almost immediately. It doesn't always work out that way. I got lucky this time.

The appointment went well. The physiotherapist, hm, is a runner as well. She's a trail runner which is something I greatly admire. She described my calf as a ball of rubber bands that needs to be undone. I don't have the more technical breakdown for those of you who would understand such things. So sorry. So she applied heat, massaged, put the electrical stimulation pad on me and then iced. She showed me how to use the fitball (in my case it will be a tennis ball) to do pressure point release. Her advice: try not to run on concrete and pavement so much. When I do run stop as soon as I feel pain. She thinks I have a high pain threshold and probably have been running with this problem much longer than I should have (I think I knew this already, but I thought I could just stretch it out). So I go back next week for another session. She said to try and get some massage done as well if I can afford to do so (I can't).

Now I just have to find out when the cut off is for switching to the half marathon. I'm going to try running on Sunday and see how it goes.

Right now my calf is very achey. I spent a good chunk of my day off walking around picking up groceries and getting some other chores done. I probably walked more than I should have, but the weather is so so beautiful I wanted to be out in this late summer weather we're having. It's absolutely glorious. It will be just what our tomatoes need. Hopefully, we'll get some more ripening soon.


Wandering Coyote said...

The rubber band analogy works quite well for me. I'm glad you took this step to get your calf sorted out. You have to be able to run safely without doing more damage than good!

Bridget Jones said...

Hope you feel better, sp, and very very glad to see you're back!!!

Vegan Run Amok said...

Oh, shoot. I'm sorry you have to switch to the half, but am glad it isn't anything more serious! It sounds like you're in good hands with this person.