Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Why These Moments?

I've been thinking about blogging. I'm thinking about it right now. It's become such a part of my regular everyday...what's the word? Exercise? Hobby? Does it matter? Perhaps not.

I thought about blogging when I discovered I work with a Don Quixote scholar. Once a university temp professor, he taught European Literature and taught a whole class on Don Quixote. Are you kidding me? What luck! This has helped me stay with the book even though I've often thought about putting it down and opening the last Harry Potter book that sits on my desk, carefully wrapped in a LV plastic bag since it's a loaner from a co-worker. But no, I'm sticking with Don Quixote and now all the questions I have I can discuss with a Don Quixote scholar. Unbelievable. Talking about the book with this co-worker has also given him reason to pick up the book again after fifteen years.

I also thought about blogging when I saw Crimson Cabaret, a show that was raising money for a local women's centre. There was a wonderful opening to the show of traditional Japanese drummers who were all women, I think the first and maybe only in North America? With the same powerful force the show was closed with Coco Love Alcorn. She was absolutely brilliant.

Sunday we hit Commerical Drive to do our grocery shopping because there is just a great selection of foods and we thought it'd be a nice change from the usual stops in whoville. While there, I stopped into the used bookstore Bibliophile and met the resident cats, Oscar and Chaucer. Chaucer is a rather huge Norwegian Forest Cat who absolutely filled the chair in the sunny window. His companion, Oscar, a dark gray tabby, was curled into Chaucer's furry belly. Oscar looked a little curious, but Chaucer really couldn't be bothered with me or anyone else since he was in full nap mode.

Backpack overstuffed with groceries and in transit, I thought about blogging. All of these moments made me think about blogging. It's often while I'm in transit that I write on my blog even if I'm not actually doing it. If I'm not reading on the bus or skytrain then I'm thinking about writing. However, I don't always get the chance to sit down, and even now I'm running short of time, but making the time is somehow important and relevant for me.

Why these moments? I'm not sure I have an answer for that yet, but I'm working on it. Maybe while I'm in transit tomorrow morning I'll try to answer that, but more likely I will have moved on to something else.


Red said...

Chaucer is an excellent name for a cat, and you wrote about them so vividly, I can just picture those two snoozing together!

I envy (in the nicest possible sense of the word) your attitude towards blogging, and I hope that this enthusiasm for writing stays with you!

Wandering Coyote said...

HM. Great post, sp. Like you, I find myself so frequently thinking about how to blog about this or that that's happened in my day...Sometimes it makes it up here, sometimes it doesn't. But one of the reasons I like to blog is that it illustrates the tapestry of my life...weaving together all sorts of disparate things...