Thursday, February 21, 2008

Salvador and Jamal

db just sent me this story about my two favorite players on the Blues. Why are they my favorite players? Probably because they've been there the longest and always seem to be sure and steady. They're not superstar hockey players or a big draw for the crowds, but like I said they've always been on the team since I started watching the Blues the year db and I got married. Also, I was interested in them because they are two of the few players of colour in the NHL and I've always wanted them to do well because they are role models for kids. When you think about the racial divide in a place like St. Louis you have to think that it is a very positive image to have these two men on the local team.

db use to work for a hockey store in Toronto and was off the day Jamal Mayers showed up in the store to get his skates sharpened. Everyone at the store couldn't believe that db wasn't there. When they told Jamal what a big fan db is, Jamal went out to his car and got a postcard sized picture and signed it. We keep it by the t.v. for hockey night and that would be tonight.

Note: I just tried the link and it won't take you to the story about the two players anymore. So, if you're really interested just type in their names Salvador and Mayers in the search box the article will come up. Sorry.

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