Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Two days to go

Our departure is getting closer. So much is going on. I'm trying to ditch all of our bits of stuff that have for one reason or another been left behind in our house. We've sold and donated what we could and now I'm scrambling around to try and find anyone who will take our few things. I couldn't find anyone to pick up our bed as a donation so I posted it on craigslist and had a phone call within a half hour. Gone. Yesterday I put out two boxes of books on the sidewalk. Somone took a whole box and the other box was left with two and a half books remaining. My sister's furniture will remain in our place until she's ready to move. I'm packing up a few things for her.

I'm also trying to get the garden ready for the winter, but it keeps blooming! We have such a long gardening season here. I wanted to take the dahlia tubers but their still in full bloom. I will collect some seeds in paper bags to take with me. Afterall, if I can grow a beautiful coneflower or valerian in a peat pellet and transplant isn't that all the better? Recently, I took a gardening seminar at LV and that encouraged me to go ahead and gather those seeds and cut back the hostas now. If I get a small bag of mulch I should be able to pile up a little around the plants that will need it over winter. I'm tempted to leave a list of notes for the new owners, reminding them to water and also identify the plants for them.

Emotionally, I'm all over the place. I'm excited and anxious to get to our new place and see what it looks like and start setting up home. I'm also sad and nostalgic for our old home that we're about to leave. It's been such a good home for us. With my sister owning the house has made it all the more enjoyable since we all worked on the house together. It's been a good space for the cats, bright and spacious with stairs and ledges for them to climb on. Part of me doesn't want to leave. When you're happy in a place why leave it? However, it's time to leave this city. I always said I would re-examine by fall 2006 what I've accomplished in the last year and if I need to remain in this city to continue on the road I am on. It would seem that it is time to go.

* * *

It's been a week of good-byes -- good-bye to family, good-bye to work, good-bye to our beloved housecall vet, good-bye to friends, good-bye to my favorite haunts. D's parents were here last weekend. There was some minor drama, but all was sorted and we had a nice time in those quieter moments of moving chaos. Work overwhelmed me with a beautiful going away present of wood-turned fountain pen from Italy with five different tips. I can't wait to use it. I bought a caligraphy book from LV with my gift card they gave me. They baked a vegan chocolate cake that was divine with a ginger marmalade filling and orange glaze icing. Everyone enjoyed it. There were ridiculous pictures taken that I hope I never see and people were very kind with their parting words. I got weepy which really surprised me. We went to dinner with a good friend and I can't even think about him not being in the same city with us without getting teary-eyed. Hopefully, he'll join us west one day. I'm so glad red jane is flying out with us because I'm really not ready for that. I've said good-bye to my mom, but really we're just a few provinces more away and it only feels far, but I know we'll see lots of each other.

Mum came for the Thanksgiving weekend and we had a really nice time. I found the whole weekend quite relaxing. Saturday, she treated us (as she always does) to a delicious meal at little tibet restaurant. Mum loves the place, as we all do. It has a very calming atmosphere, so you feel very relaxed in the dining room. The food is lovely and fresh. It was a good choice to start our weekend.

Sunday I even made time for a run through the park. It was glorious. I had a great run. We cooked and had a nice dinner together with red jane. We had tofurkey, kale, garlic roasted brussel sprouts (recipe courtesy of bunnyfoot), roasted root veg, cranberry sauce (I found a package of frozen fresh cranberries in the freezer from one of our fresh boxes last winter), salad with pomegranite seeds, and two pies (pumpkin with candied pecans and mock cherry that red jane made). Earlier in the day Mum and I went for a walk. We did the same on Monday and visited a friend of my sister's who lives close by. We cut through Dufferin Grove Park which mum had never been to and really loved. It does have so much to offer as a park.

I saw mum off at the train station in that huge long line of people bound for Montreal and we had to say good-bye there while the line moved forward. I wish there was a way to make it easier for all of us. I know she'll be out to visit on her winter break and I think once she comes out it will be easier and we'll all see that we're really not that far away.

So, back to today. Another person just called about the bed. I'm starting to wish I'd asked for a few dollars for it. Oh well. It doesn't really matter. I'd rather someone who really needs it get it for free. D's waiting for some news on some remarkable movie posters he collected when he worked in a cinema in the 80s so maybe that will be good news.

I'd better keep moving on this day before it passes me by. i've got a long list of chores and i'm on foot with no bike and no car so I'd better use my running skills.

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