Monday, October 02, 2006

Move, movers moving, moved

The word becomes more ridiculous the more I say it. I am quite tired of thinking about those words in my title and now I feel like the worst is truly over. There are no boxes sitting half packed or stacked and in the way of our living space. The stress level is going down. This morning I even went for a run and felt no hurry to get home and get back to work. I just relaxed and enjoyed my run.

The weekend came and now it's gone. My in-laws drove into town Friday, the movers arrived Saturday, and then my in-laws drove out of town Sunday. Most moving for me was my sister left the house on Sunday. Needless to say (but I'll say it anyway) it's been an emotional weekend.

We still had so much packing to do on Friday. D's parents took us out to dinner along with D's brother. We went to
Ferro after a friend recommended it, but we arrived too late and the line up had begun. Plan B led us down the street to one of our favorite places Mezzetta. D's parents don't often get to eat from a tapas style menu so it was a new and fun experience for them. They seemed to really enjoy it. The best part was being out of the house and not thinking about the above title related subject at all. We just sat back and enjoyed our food. There was a jazz quartet playing and it was all nice. D met the owner because he was intrigued with the coffee machine. They exchanged information and it may be a new account for Saeco. You never know.

Back at home, we packed until midnight. D's parent and brother helped out which was really nice. It saved us a lot of time. I slept a deep sleep that night.

Saturday we finished up the last minute stuff. The movers arrived on schedule and the day began. We took the cats up to my sister's while the movers tagged boxes and began to empty our apartment. It's quite amazing to see the boxes built up into a wall on the truck. I couldn't believe the organization of it all. It's quite a task. A bit of an art really. D. was truly appreciating their use of space being a shipper/warehouse/inventory guy. We both had a bit of a moment in the backyard when the stuff started going out. It was a bit of a realization that this is really happening. Something that we joked about in June is actually happening.

Even now as I think about the garden, leaving the garden behind, I'm getting a little misty-eyed. I love our garden and it's wildness and all that it has given us. I love watching the squirrels and cats pass through, the plants bloom where I had forgotten they would. The dahlias are still going strong (I may not get to take the tubers with me if they don't start to finish their cycle!) as is the lavender. I've never had lavender grow so strong and full. But i'm getting distracted.

Back to Saturday. After the truck pulled away, we headed to ikea to select a new bed that we could pick out in Coquitlam. It's no easy task. The latex matress really is astoundingly comfortable, but far out of our budget so we've found something else that will be comfy. After ikea we headed back to town and stopped at John's Classic Pizza to pick up a few large pizzas. I got a vegan one for sis and I. I started to see that we were coming full circle. When D and I first arrived in town and were exhausted from moving and setting up our place, we went to John's classic because it's close and really good pizza (unlike the chain gooey bland dough and tomato paste sauce pizza delivery places). We also spent our first week in this apartment sleeping in the living room and now we were doing it again since we gave our bedroom to D's parents and had brought a bed into the living room for us to sleep on. Anywho...we had a nice dinner with some of our homemade wine and again it was just great to have family around.

My sister left yesterday morning for Montreal. She's doing an English version Michel Trembley play called Assorted Candies at the Centaur theatre. I can't believe I won't see it. This is the second play she's done at the centaur and I've missed it. Red jane drove her to Montreal with the four cats. D and I helped her load the cats into the van. I said good bye to the cast of characters and Ruggles was the only one to really hear me since he was the most relaxed. I can't even put into words what I felt saying good bye to my sister. We've shared this place for the last seven years and have been through a lot together during that time. The last two months have been so insanely busy that we never had time to digest what's really going on and that we're both taking our lives in new directions. We'll still be in the same province and I'm going to make a huge effort to see her as much as I can.

So...the house is somewhat empty. I've borrowed some furniture from my sister. And now red jane is on her way over to help me get rid of the stuff for the garage sale we never had. That will be one trip out of the way. Value Village here we come.


Wandering Coyote said...

Moving is just so terribly hard, though you captured the poignancy and mixed feelings of it well. It's a new beginning, but that also means and ending. Mourn any way you feel you have to, that's my advice.

I tell you, you will LOVE the Coquitlam Ikea! It's absolutely huge!

Thanks for you comment on my blog just now. I'm doing OK. Perhaps we'll see each other again before long...

sp said...

I'm sure we will catch up with each other at some point.

LV is very close to the Ikea so that could be dangerous.