Wednesday, October 04, 2006

A trip to the vet, puzzles and vegan cheese

Poor little GiGi went to the vet today to get spayed. She's there now and will spend the night there. I miss her. She's such a sweet and loving kitten. As I walked part of the way home from work today (in the rain -- the weather was very west coast today) I wanted to stop in and see her, but I wasn't sure if it would upset her more or not. Would she think she was going home? She would see me (or not, depending on how dopey she is) and then I'd be gone. I made the decision to let her be in the capable hands of the staff at Queen West.

Tomorrow I can pick her up while I drop Svetlana for blood work. Then we can all travel home together. The price in cab fair rises rapidly!

We also got our travel bags for the kitties in the mail today. We ordered them from West Jet so as to be sure to meet their specifications for carry on kitties. They're nicer looking than my own luggage. At least they all have suitable carriers for the trip now.

It's been another busy day. Work flew by. I didn't even notice the time passing and it was a slow day. Somehow I always had something to do. There was a puzzle on the counter when I arrived at work. It was partially assembled for display in the showroom. Obviously, it's a puzzle we sell and it was amazing how everyone wanted to stop and peck away. People rearranged other work to come and work on the puzzle. I spent very little time with it, but got a kick out of watching others work on it , each in their own way and be focused on the puzzle, but also talk about all sorts of things. As one co-worker said to me this morning, "you can learn a lot about someone by how they work on a puzzle." It's not just the way the person works, but as in any situation (except when working with Dina -- never mind what that means) you talk and it's on that level that much more is learned.

Back at home, I was restless and a little keen to get cooking. I made dinner way too early, but hey...better early that too late (which I've done many times). I tried out this vegan cheese recipe from one of my favorite sites, post punk kitchen. I added my own flavoring to it, including, veg broth, sour supreme (tofuttis faux sour cream), spike, and a little red wine for good luck. Time to take it out of the oven. Yum.

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red jane said...

Thanks for that link! Gonna try it out when I use up my Road's End organics mac and chreese!