Wednesday, October 25, 2006

I'm back

Well, we made it. The journey itself with three cats on the plane was quite awfully stressful. They recovered beautifully by the end of the day. I was mostly worried about Svetlana who howled for more than three hours. What fun. Red Jane was on board as well (as some may already know). She was a great help on the weekend we settled giving us decorating ideas and making sure we did things like eat.
My step-dad, P., met us at the airport which was fabulous and helped the transition. He also helped us with the unpacking and setting up. God love family and friends. It made everything so much the easier for us and we had the pleasure of their company for the weekend.

I'm using the local library computer to post so I'm going to be brief because I have a ton of emails to respond to and other business to take care of using my allotted time. I just got my library card. I had to wait for mail to arrive with our address on it. Of course my first day in the library last week when I was a little more disoriented and new at being in this town, I ran into someone from way back when. The librarian recognized me after I gave him my name, asking "did you go to Concordia?" My reply, "yes, but ages ago." I was thinking that he was far too young to be in my age bracket and I do tend to get that "your look familiar" comment a lot. He then asked "did you take a poetry class?"
Me: "Yes."
Librarian: "You were in Mary's class."
Me: "Oh my god yes. I can't believe it." (or some such expression).
What are the chances? I admit that I wouldn't have recognized him beyond thinking that he looks familiar to me. There is no way I would have pin pointed a classmate from fifteen years ago. Yikes. That's life in whoville though isn't it? You're never far from home, you're always home.

Other news? Our place is shaping up nicely. We're still trying to decide on a suitable colour for the living room/kitchen area. We're getting closer. We're kind of not far from my whoville page colour. It's just for one wall so don't panic. I think we need something warmer though. D?
Our house/suite is on a bit of a hill so we have quite a view from the bedroom. The yard also on a hill means that the garden is on different levels and sloped and there are all kinds of shrubs and trees I don't know or didn't know they could grow so huge. We've got rhododendron trees for god's sake! We've got a lovely dogwood that isn't really being viewed properly. The owners/landlords are very open to us gardening so hurray. However, I'm a little intimidated.

We're close to all the amenities we could need. The bus literally stops across the street and also stops right in front of work for me. That's pretty lucky. The commute isn't great. It takes me longer to get home than it does D and he's travelling much further than I am. D. is thrilled because a new Italian grocery store just opened next to his work. He's got his favorite tomatoes and olives are reasonably priced so he's in heaven. I found planet organics that is just down the hill and has all of my favorite products so I'm happy. I also discovered a great running route if I just run further up our street. In other words, if I run up the mountain, there's a great descent that is long and fun. It ends up or meets up with a park and the trans Canada trail.

That brings me to the running terrain. Help! It's crazy out here. It's the toughest terrain I've ever run. I love running out here though, everything is so green and the air feels so crisp and clear. I know there is some illusion to it all, but it's such a switch from running in the "big city."

Anywho, must get to my emails. We're in the process of getting another computer so until that happens i won't be posting regularly, only on my days off from work.

Until then...

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Wandering Coyote said...

I love Planet Organic! I've been to the one in Whoville there, too, and it's a great store.

Glad to hear the move went smoothely and that things are taking shape. Yep, get used to those'll get some great leg muscles at least!