Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Christmas Day

 What kind of Christmas Day photo is this? Well, when db and I drove out to Mission to cut our Christmas tree, we took a wrong turn and passed this area that was full of eagles feeding on Salmon. A little further up the highway it was the weekend of Harrison's Eagle Festival, where eagles return every year to feed on the Salmon, so it wasn't surprising to see them in the area. As we drove past we saw eagle after eagle after eagle.

Anywho...db and I didn't stop that day, but decided to go back 2 weeks later on Christmas. The beach was littered with Salmon carcasses and there was mostly just gulls enjoying what was left.
 It's really a beautiful little spot, and the weather cleared long enough for us to walk along the water.
 An American Dipper. I looked up this little guy once I got home and could load the photo to see what it was. I was astounded when I saw it dive into the water and then come back out.
 Looking over the bridge, we watched this gull enjoying himself. The gulls really do enjoy cleaning up. They were almost as much fun to watch as the eagles.
 We did see eagles. At one point we counted a total of 14 in one area. It was probably a quarter of what we probably would have seen two weeks earlier.
 Several were perched in the trees. They stayed there the whole time we were there.
 This one bald eagle remained in this spot the whole time as well. Others moved around us, and we got to see several take off and land fairly close. It was quite amazing.
 More gulls having fun. (I love gulls!)
Finally, the best view! This eagle was along the side of the road and we almost drove past him and missed him. db spotted him as we drove by, so we swung around and parked several feet away to watch him (or her) enjoy whatever it had in his (her) talons. Beautiful raptors!

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mister anchovy said...

Nice shots. Looks like a great day!