Sunday, December 25, 2011

December 24th at Whoville

Just a few photos from our Christmas Eve.

 It's a very green Christmas. It poured all morning (very, very wet trail run! I had to wring out my clothes when I got home). The afternoon cleared up and there was some beautiful sunlight coming through the mist in the trees.
 That's right. You are seeing cheese. Raw vegan cheese! It's made from cashew, macadamia, and brazil nuts, and they are amazing. There's a cheddar, a goat style cheese, a brazil nut pesto soft cheddar type and the darker one is a "Christmas" flavour made with hazelnuts. These are so amazing. I met this nut cheese maker through work, and her cheeses are amazing! She brought samples once and I couldn't believe how delicious they very cheese-like they were. So, I contacted her before Christmas and asked if she could make some for the holidays (she only does it as a hobby - so far) and they were delicious.
 This was our appetizer: black rice cakes with grilled pineapple & mushrooms (the sauce is a tamarind based reduction). Thank you Artful Vegan once again!
 The main dish was wild mushrooms in a cashew cream sauce (very rich!) with porcini fettucine.
And our tree! Merry Christmas everyone!


mister anchovy said...

Happy Christmas!

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas!! I want some of that raw nut cheese. It looks incredible.