Saturday, August 29, 2009


Aren't they sweet? Don't they look innocent? They are. They really are good girls...most of the time.

This morning I was having trouble getting back to sleep, and was tossing a turning. The cats, realizing that I was awake, came to visit. The early morning visit is really to see how soon I'll get up, which equals how soon they get fed. I think they enjoy a little scuffle to get me going because they know I'll get up to break up the fight if there is any hissing.

As you may know Prima is a bit of a trouble maker, and she likes to attack Gigi when she feels it is called for (i.e. when Gigi isn't aware of her being there, or sometimes when Gigi is aware of her being there). Gigi had braved the hallway --where attacks could come from any direction-- and had come into the bedroom (definitely Prima's territory) to see if I was going to get up soon. Prima crept around the corner from the hallway and made her way under the bed (the perfect spot to plan the surprise attack). Gigi knew something was amiss, but she hadn't spotted Prima yet. I decided to get involved and to try and anticipate Prima's plan of attack. I knew she'd pounce from the end of the bed where Gigi would be forced into a corner. I sprung up (as best as I can spring first thing in the morning) and tried to stop Prima in mid pounce. When I fell back my foot hit the bed frame and smashed my big toe with great force. It felt like my whole toenail had lifted up. I think some of it did. Cats flew out of the room while I cursed, held my breath in pain, and hobbled around trying not to scream.

The cats succeeded. I was up, but doubled over. They did get fed after I cleaned up the blood (I know it's gross, but it did bleed) and bandaged my toe. Not only did they get fed, but they got treats before I left for work as well.

I've done some damage to my poor toe. I guess I was still a bit stunned (or just plain stunned) when I went ahead and did some yoga anyway. My upward dogs transitioning into the downward dogs were done with one foot raised off the ground. It was a little awkward, but I did my yoga and I needed it after not having slept well.

After yoga I iced my foot.

After a long day at work I came home and iced my foot again. I can move it slightly, but it looks nasty.

As for running? I'm not sure how it will feel tomorrow. For now it's staying raised and rested.

Tomorrow morning I'm just going to get up and feed them and then go back to bed. Why fight it? The cats will always win, which is just how it should be.


Wandering Coyote said...

Oh jeez...Sorry about the backfire there. I hope your toe gets better soon. That'll teach you to outsmart a cat, eh?

sp said...

Lesson learned.