Monday, July 14, 2008

bike and run vegan run

I think I've just about reached the end of my energy level. I've been biking and running everyday since...well...since the nice weather started sometime near the end of June.
Being on my bike feels wonderful and I finally put a mirror on it so I can actually see what's behind me. Hmm what a concept. I never thought it would make a difference, but it does make a huge difference. Now I know when the road is clear behind me and I can take up a little more room. I can tell when a car is giving me clearance as it approaches as well and that's nice to know.

I've been biking to and from work for a total of 23 k a day and it's through a relatively hilly route. I've been treating these days as cross training days so I don't mosey and try to pick up the pace when I can. Now I feel the need to have a days rest where I don't bike at all. This will be tough since the weather continues to be glorious.

On my running days I've also been biking just because that's how I get around. The end of my journey always ends with a massive hill to climb that I use to never bike all the way to the top, but now I'm doing it more often than not so I've crowned myself "queen of the mountains" (this is influenced by my daily viewing of the tour de France and the polkadot jersey going to the king of the mountains).
I need something to think about while I'm climbing the hill don't I? I try not to think about the hill at all, but rather think about how do they climb those mountains in the pyrenees?

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Tuco said...

I had a mirror on my bike for a while (smaller than yours though). I found it useful on country roads to let me know if there was any cars behind me, but useless in the city because it didn't tell me anything I didn't know... i.e "CARS EVERYWHERE!!!"

Hill climbing is fun eh? I often imagine myself in a cycling movie when I'm climbing hills... I'm the climbing domestique who has to bring my captain up to somebody's wheel... and then can rest when he goes by and explodes up the rest of the mountain.