Sunday, July 27, 2008

bear obsessed

It's true I am bear obsessed. I really want to run my long distance route that takes me through one of the parks, but with all of the bear sightings lately I'm a little hesitant. I've never heard so much bear talk as I've heard this year.

A woman who I sometimes see at the bustop lives just around the corner from me. Earlier this week she told me about her neighbour having to fix his fence for the third time this month because a bear keeps destroying it, making a path through the backyards. I had no idea bears were frequenting this area on a regular basis.

This morning on my bus route to work (I'm taking a rest break from biking so I can put in a long run tomorrow) the bus driver stopped in one area and I thought there was something wrong with the bus. Then I heard him on his phone calling in to report a bear sighting. He had just seen one. I missed it! Again! I'd been engrossed in my running magazine (one track mind right now).

Now I'm thinking about tomorrow's a.m. run and am thinking it's best to stick to the main roads. Of course we live on a main road but our place boarders a green belt so we get some wildlife traffic. I guess I'll just do like the bears and go about my own business. Maybe it's time to really get involved with one of those group runs organized by one of the running stores.


Captain Karen said...

If there are that many sightings in your area, the group run is probably your best option. What about running with db in the park? At least with the two of you, if you're talking back and forth the noise should alert any bear nearby to your presence and they'll scoot the other way.

mister anchovy said...

please be careful!

Wandering Coyote said...

I haven't seen near as many bears this season as I did this time last year. I think there is more food out in the forest this year than last, so maybe they're staying away from town because of that.

Still, it's early yet.

I wouldn't be too afraid to go running on your own. Take a whistle and make some noise and they tend to avoid you. But, a running group isn't a bad idea, either.

Bridget Jones said...

Holy flippin cows, great idea to stick to the beaten path. No sense in becoming bear lunch! Play safe please sp!!!

Vegan Run Amok said...

Wow, scary. Be careful!