Friday, August 20, 2010

the mushrooms

The mushrooms on the east coast of the country. I took so many mushroom photos while in NB (and could have taken so many more) that I thought I should just post the photos that I do have.

We did find Lobster mushrooms on our second day without even looking. Their bright reddish-orange makes them fairly easy to spot amongst moss and trees. Many days later we went back the same route to see if we could find more and we did; however, the second batch were just starting to go. We'd had quite a bit of rain on a couple of nights, and the second ones didn't look very appetizing even after db tried to clean them up.

We also came across a few tiny chanterelles. If only I could go back to that spot in September!

The most common mushroom we saw were the rosy Russulas (at least that's what I think they were).


Such a beautiful forest. Mushrooms could be anywhere here.
Not an edible mushroom for sure. 

There were a few of these in one area near the brook. Very pretty.
A bolete cap.
It stained blue, so we knew that this one would stay in the forest. 

A bolete we brought back to identify, but without my Mushrooms Demystified and only using my quick reference book (All that the Rain Promises and More), it was tough to get a clear ID.
Hedgehog? I've never found one before so I wasn't sure. 
To look at only. 
The best find! The Lobster mushrooms. We sliced them, fried them and everyone had some (I don't think my brother tried them. He seemed a little skeptical that we could eat them). 


S.M. Elliott said...

The lobster mushrooms do look a bit *different*...

mister anchovy said...

Here in Ontario, I pick a lot of lobster mushrooms. Hardly anyone picks them around here and although they can be a pain to clean up, they're so delicious. I've dried a lot for winter too.

How big was the mushroom you identified as a hedgehog? It looks like it's perhaps a small one in button stage. Usually when I pick them, the cap has flattened out and doesn't curve down quite like that. I think there are two species I pick. Some are that reddish colour and others are more tan. They are dense mushrooms like chanterelles. If I saw that in the flesh I could give you positive ID, but pictures can be deceiving. Excellent photos

sp said...

mister anchovy: the hedgehog was quite small. Like you say it was in button stage. Very exciting for me to find though. I've never found one like it before.