Saturday, November 14, 2009

whoville's backyard visitors

A Varied Thrush. Actually there were 3 of them flipping leaves over, looking for snacks. They seemed to be having some success. I have never seen them before, and had to look up their identity on this great bird ID site

A Northern Flicker flew into the yard amongst the Thrushes, causing them to scatter away. The Flicker then flew into the tree, leaving the Thrushes to continue flipping leaves over.
I was happy to see the Flicker because it's the second time I've seen them so close to the house. I hope it means they will return more.

Who's this little guy? He's pretty cute.

Prima disagrees. She pressed her head against the glass, keeping a close eye on the intruder.


Wandering Coyote said...

I haven't seen any wildlife in ages!

mister anchovy said...

That red cat looks like our Jacques! The bird ID site you've found is excellent. Here at Anchovy World Headquarters, we get a lot of different birds throughout the year, and I'm not a great bird identifier yet (but I'm learning slowly).

SME said...

I think that last bird is a Long-tailed Toebiter. Very rare.

You're very lucky - living downtown, we mostly just get pigeons and magpies.

sp said...

He does look like Jacques. I thought the same thing.

Ahh Sme, the elusive Long-tailed Toebiter. It is rare indeed.