Friday, July 17, 2009

Mt Seymour

On the last day of our vacation db and I went to Mt. Seymour on the North Shore since it's relatively close to where we live, and based on what I read about it the hike sounded like it would have some fantastic views.
When we arrived at the parking lot I knew I'd like the trail. It's like an old-school style ski-hill and it felt very remote compared to Grouse Mtn that we had visited the week before. Grouse is a tourist attraction and is packed with people. Seymour in the summer was like another quieter BC park.
Washington's Mt. Baker is visible from just about everywhere, but it still never loses my interest.
This is what the climb was like. It was rocky, but lots of ups and downs so it's not straight climbing all of the time.
There's still some snow when you get high enough. We found this out on Goat Mountain too, but those pictures are for another day.
I'm always fascinated by wood and the textures it has.

There are 3 peaks on this hike. I believe this was just below the first peak when you start to get some great views.
Not only was the trail marked with signs, but people have also piled rocks leading from the first peak to the second.

When I stepped up to the second peak, it's a quick and steep step up and then there's a steep drop below. It levels out towards the right, but when I first stepped up it was like being in the sky when I came upon two eagles soaring just before me. We startled each other and they turned away from me and headed down the slope.
Once we reached the second peak we decided that it was enough for one day. We had our lunch here and enjoyed the vistas.
We could see people atop the third peak, which wasn't much further away, but at least another half hour of hiking down and then up quite a steep climb it looked like. We were content with the second peak. We'll save the third for another time.

The water below is Indian Arm and the land across is actually not far from where we live.

On our way down the trail we took our time, being careful not to trip up (I did slip, but my backpack saved me as I land on it and not the rocks). I wore my bear bell for the whole trip even though db really dislikes it. I agree with him, but I really don't want to surprise a bear. We passed a couple going up and the woman said "oh you have your bear bell" with a tone that sounded like how cute. I cheerfully responded "I always take it with me" and kept going on my descent.

Once we hit the ski slope, which looks more like a rough road in the summer, I tucked my bear bell away in my pocket since we were out in the open. Sure enough db spotted a bear just a little ways down the hill. It didn't even look our way. It must have heard us coming down the slope since it's loose rocks and our footsteps alone were making enough noise. The bear was just heading into the woods, but for a moment I thought it was going to come toward us? What's my plan of action? I know you should back away slowly and give the bear the right-of-way, but I was having trouble imagining this bear just leaving us alone. Well, it did head into the woods along another trail (lucky hikers on that trail). I didn't get a picture because my camera was in my pack and the memory card was full. However, I did get this picture of a deer on our way out of the park.
When my brother & c. visit again I think this would be a worthwhile hike to take them on. It's got everything.


Wandering Coyote said...

Beautiful! I wish I had the fitness level to do that kind of hiking! Working on it, though...

SME said...

Gorgeous views. I'm quite jealous; I haven't been to the mountains yet this year, and miss those hikes terribly. Glad you had such perfect weather.