Wednesday, June 17, 2009

recent photos

Pink geranium.db with foxglove.

Sunday we went for a short hike in the woods behind our place. We wanted to find the trail down to the water.
There are foxgloves growing everywhere.

There's a little bridge along one path that overlooks a dry creek. I love the leafy tree amongst all the spruce and cedar.
Looking down at the dry creek.
Eventually we ended up in a clearing of sorts. There was very little ground cover and the slope was quite dry from the weeks of sunshine we've had. It was beautiful to look at the tree trunks all around us with the canopy so far above.
The observant db spotted this robin's egg on the forest floor. The photo (of course) doesn't bring out the bright blue as it should.

Eventually we did make it down to the mainroad and crossed the street to a lower road and walked along to the inlet park. We overshot our destination, but found a more direct and steeper trail on the way home.

Back at the garden...

Everything is filling in nicely. The beans are coming up and the lettuce. I've staked the roses that were already in the beds and we've put some tomatoes in pots on the level up above (fingers crossed).
One clematis has bloomed. This one is called Niobe.
One yellow rose has bloomed so far.

Of course a picture of Gigi is the best way to end a series of photos.


Wandering Coyote said...

Your garden is looking great, which reminds me - I should do a gardening post myself one of these days. I love foxgloves; they're one of my favourite wild flowers

mister anchovy said...

excellent pics!