Thursday, August 14, 2008

NB vacation photos part 2

This is what the roads are like in the area where we camped. We'd be off one of these "main" roads and about 4 k into the woods off an old logging road that is used only by my brother now to get to his property. There's a picture in my previous post of the road into the camp that is much overgrown and lush.

Recently my brother has been cutting some trails (he has a very handy bushsaw). In anticipation of our arrival his girlfriend (co) made up trail signs. This one reminds me of home. There's also a "Waverly Trail" sign to represent where my sister and mom live. I think this is the most beautiful Coquitlam Trail I've been on. That's my brother ahead on the trail with his chihuahua dog (Little Joe) on his back (his preferred method of travel in rough terrain).
The campfire of course. We'd put a "night log" on once it got dark. These are found cedar stumps that have been partially hollowed by ants so that the fire would come up through the center.
Blueberries are everywhere! We picked several containers to take home to my sister in Montreal. I can't believe what I pay for these throughout the year when they are so abundant here!

And here's one of the moose we saw. He was lovely. I wish the picture was clearer, but you get a sense of how close he was. We were quite far from the camp that night, slowly poking along the roads hoping to spot a moose. db is fascinated by them and I guess who wouldn't be? They are so massive and move so gracefully through the forests.


Wandering Coyote said...

Great shot of the moose! That's fantastic! Looks like you were really out in the bush - that's the best camping. But, did you have access to a biffy? Was it terribly buggy?

sp said...

Biffy? Enlighten please.
There were no bugs except for the very occasional horsefly. It was lovely.

Wandering Coyote said...

Biffy=outhouse. Or, did you pee in the bush?

Vegan Run Amok said...

Ha ha, I love the picture of Little Joe in the backpack. That's a pretty professional-looking trail sign, by the way!

sp said...

WC: well, there is an outhouse that friends built for my brother, but he doesn't like it (i.e. use it). As for me, after two days of 3 people using it, I was out in the bush going where the moose go.

vegan run amok: the sign maker (co) is quite talented with paint and wood so the signs turned out beautifully.