Friday, April 18, 2008

these are a few of my favorite things

Wandering Coyote tagged me for this meme that is about websites I visit and why. After reading Wandering's list I think I'll have few more places to visit now.

Mostly I visit blogs. The most visited are on my sidebar so you can visit them yourself. I am completely fascinated by the blogging world and being able to see the amount of creativity in the world.

My other most visited websites are related to my activities.

1. Running. I am a regular at Okay, mostly I'm there because of my running blog and to read other active blogs, but I also use the training log to record all of the active living I do whether it be running or yoga or gardening (yes, I see this as exercise. Have you ever turned soil or pruned a hedge? It's a workout). Related is the Running Room site where I also use the training log, search for upcoming events and register for most of my races.

2. Knitting. Need I say it?! This is a great source of information and fun about knitty with free patterns that are for every level. They're fun (check out the pattern for the Womb, yes you heard me) and funky (how about a Hot Tamale?) and I one day hope to be so talented as to be able to submit a pattern to

3. Job search. This is a more recent and ongoing activity for me. I've been frequenting the alliance for arts site for a while now searching for that perfect arts job. I haven't found anything yet (or I should say no one has hired me yet), but there may be a breakthrough. I also like the links on this page for what's going on in the arts regionally and nationally. It's a good source of info.

4. Gardening. The UBC botanical garden site is where I go for my botany photo of the day. I'm not here as much, but the photos come to my dashboard daily so I have the option of reading on or not. I also go here to find out about what events are coming up.

5. News. I'm a bit of a news junkie. I start my day with cbc radio and if I'm home for the day it will be on most of the day (I can't listen to Sounds like Canada. I just can't). If I remember to and I'm home I'll watch Politics with Don Newman. It's on so much earlier in BC! My evenings do not feel complete unless I've watched the National (I never watch Rex Murphy though. I just can't do that either). So it's no surprise that CBC news headlines are front and center on my home page so I can quickly click to a story I want to read. Did I really need to link the cbc site for you?

Yup that's my extremely exciting life in a nutshell.
Now I'm going to go ponder the possibility of Don Newman, Barret Jackman and Grover
somehow being related.


Wandering Coyote said...

Thanks for alerting me to that job posting site! I'm going to take a really good look at that one, just to see what's shaking. Maybe I'll find some really cool freelancing work that I can do from home.

Thanks for participating in the tag!

sp said...

Oh I forgot to do some tagging myself. I tag Captain Karen, Vegan Run Amok, and Red Jane.

Vegan Run Amok said...

Good luck with your job search! I hope you find something challenging and fulfilling.

Thanks for tagging me, too! I have a deadline on Tuesday, but will try to get it done before then, otherwise, Wednesday for sure! :)

I love Grover. I used to love this line when I was kid: "I may not be strong, but I'm wiry!"

In my case, I may not be fast, but at least I'm tenacious, ha!

Red said...

I am in awe of people who are good at gardening. It's not like I don't have a green finger -- most things I grow, I grow quite successfully -- but I just can't seem to make the commitment to look after anything in the cold winter months. I also believe in a policy of partial neglect: I have convinced myself that it makes my plants more resilient and stronger. It's worked for my Japanese maple, for instance. Not so much for my passion flower. Oh well.

I grow my own herbs (basil, mint, rosemary and parsley), and they're all thriving.