Tuesday, April 22, 2008


It was our anniversary this past Saturday, our ninth anniversary to be exact. Rather than sitting around or running errands (hey I didn't book the day off to do chores), I thought we should take advantage of having a vehicle (db had the work van) and go somewhere we've always wanted to go in the city.
Wherever I go I always seem to find a glorious garden that amazes me. This was just a small section near the parking lot at UBC. Heather filled the slopes all around.
Several trails lead down to Wreck Beach.
The cool weather wasn't exactly beach inviting for most; there were few people around, a couple of guys in a lean-to shelter, two photo-snapping tourists, and a nude sunbather in true Wreck Beach fashion. The sign leading down the trail has rules of the beach as in no liquor, dogs on leashes and then there's another sign that says "clothing optional." It's the only beach of its kind in Canada as far as I know.

Even though the weather was a bit nippy, with the sun shining it felt glorious. Anywho I love the beach in all weather; I always feel like I'm at home. I grew up in a coastal climate and there's something very comforting to me about the sound of waves. It goes deeper than just their rhythmic pace; I feel safe, grounded and completely certain of everything around me.

It's hard to believe this is part of the city.


The real reason for our trip to UBC was to go here:As a teaching museum there is an extensive collection of First Nations' objects from all over BC.
The Bentwood Boxes in the above photo are made from a single piece of cedar that are joined (sewn) on one corner, the other three corners thus being formed by steaming the wood and bending it.
The visible storage is accessible through the many, many drawers around the exhibit space. The collection is extensive and covers a wider range of cultural objects. Now I can't remember who did the beautiful bead work. I'll have to go back.
The exterior recreates a 19th century Haida village.

The two pieces above were carved by Bill Reid. One of the centerpieces of the museum is a Bill Reid sculpture "The Raven and the First Men" that depicts the Haida myth of the Raven discovering humans and releasing them from a shell onto the beach. (Incidentally, this image is also on our $20 bill along with a few other images from Bill Reid's collection).

We'll have to go back. We didn't even get to the ceramics room and there is so much in the visible storage and new pieces that will be added as the restoration continues.

We concluded our day at home with homemade potato gnocchi (gluten free) and a fabulous 1999 Bandol. 1999 was the year we were married so it was definitely ready for tasting. For dessert I made a chocolate cherry mousse pie. Sorry I have no photos of that. I got the mousse recipe from fat free vegan (definitely not one of the fat free recipes
) and I made a raw crust I pulled from an issue of veg news. It all came together very nicely for a day that hadn't been planned at all.


Wandering Coyote said...

Wonderful - absolutely wonderful! Happy Anniversary, too! Sounds like a lovely day, and what a treat to have a vehicle. I know what that's like, trust me!

Red said...

Happy anniversary to you both!

Glad to hear you had such a fabulous day, but boy, that beach does look cold! Brrrr....

sp said...

The beach was cool, but really it wasn't that bad with the sun out.