Friday, February 02, 2007

D. phoned me from work this morning.

D: I saw two coyotes across from our house.
Me: What?
D: I saw one crossing the road and then another one followed.
Me: Hey, I was looking out the window. I didn't see anything.
D: Well not right across from the house. Just down a bit. That little street that's really steep.
Me: Steeple.
D: Yeah there.
Me: Holy.
D: At first I thought it was a dog. It was running across and it stopped to look at me. It just stood there looking at me. Then another ran across the street. Then they went up Steeple.
Me: It was a bit lighter this morning.
D: No, it was dark when I left.
Me: Yeah but it was lighter this morning than usual.
D: Yeah I guess the sun was just starting to come up.
Me: I guess they were heading home.
D: Probably.
Me: How big were they?
D: Um.
Me: Like a Shepherd? Or taller.
D: They weren't that big. They look wolf like, but smaller. (pause) They're not dangerous are they?
Me: They're more afraid of you.
D: Okay.
Me: They won't bother you. They're probably afraid. They're after small stuff. Gigi sized animals.
D: Poor Gigi.
Me: The cats are definitely staying in now.
D: Yeah.


red jane said...

Wow. We had wolves in Niagara and coyotes, too I think- they definately devoured some of the kitties out there. No forays into the wild for your princesses. They are strangly elegant and mysterious though, aren't they? Coyotes, I mean; not that the girls aren't elegant, but you know.

Wandering Coyote said...

Wow! I would have been thrilled. There are lots of coyotes on the coast, though, so you may see more. And even here they eat cats, so I'd keep mine in, too, if I were you. Coyotes are quite a nice-looking animal. I love their ears!

mister anchovy said...

I saw a coyote close up - well maybe 20 feet away, near Silver Creek in central Idaho a couple years ago. There were parallel paths through the brush, one that turned to follow the creek and the other that turned the opposite way to go up to the top of the hill. The coyote was on the lower path. I would walk forward, and the coyote would walk forward; I would stop and the coyote would stop. This went on for 10 minutes or so, until I turned up the hill, and the coyote wandered off through the sage.

sp said...

mister anchovy: incredible story.

They are such amazing animals. They seem so mysterious to me because they seem to run at night. I'm sure I've mentioned here before how we have listened to their beautiful and haunting songs while camping in New Brunswick.

Yes, all cats inside. One of D's co-workers told him a story of a coyote den being uncovered and a pile of pet collars were found in the den.