Thursday, November 22, 2012

Library Things

I'm thinking about a new blog that just relates to my library studies. Thoughts?

Maybe I'd blog more on this more personal blog if I was already blogging mode for my studies.


Eugene Knapik said...

At one time I had multiple blogs - I think I had three going at one time a few years ago. It didn't work so well for me, even though I liked the idea of having specialty blogs. I found that having one blog that had a greater variety of features or ideas or themes was more interesting to me, and made it easier to post really regularly. I try to post on my blog every day, and although I'm not always successful with that, I do post more often than not. I see that as being about discipline for me. I always have it in the back of my mind that I'm going to make a blog post today. Sometimes it's a simple thing like posting a photo and other times it can be something more involved such as the murder ballad series I've been posting recently. If there has been a single thing that has helped me post regularly, it was developing the habit of carrying and using a little notebook. When I have a little idea, I jot it down in amongst the shopping lists and doodles and whatever else makes its way into the book.

sp said...

That's a good point. I should jot down my ideas like you do. I often will narrate blog ideas in my head, but then I rarely get back to a computer to do it, or when I do get to the computer I've lost the drive to compose that blog.

I think the only reason I might want to separate to have a library blog would be so it could be viewed by others in the field whereas I don't think I'd want them reading my personal blog. I definitely wouldn't want to link them then.