Monday, June 13, 2011

spring cleaning notes

Whenever I clean out my desk and the shelves around it, I find lots of loose notes with scribbled ideas or names of books and websites that I want to look into. Today I started to clean through a few boxes with the idea that I could get rid of all the scraps of paper that are no longer relevant.

Here's something I came across that I probably jotted down in my early 20s? Gm is my grandmother and Gf guessed it.  "F'ton" is my shorthand for Fredericton.

This was on a small scrap of paper that I had probably written before going to bed after spending the day at my grandmother's. I wanted to know about my grandmother's life and had been asking her about her side of the family. Later I would down what I remembered.

Here's what the rest of the page and the flipside read (I'm going to clean it up a little): 

Grandmother was expect to go out West and break the new to her family and grandfather would stay in Fredericton and break the news to his family. However, two days after they were married, an announcement appeared in the local paper, the Gleaner and the Woods (my grandfather's family) discovered the news from the announcement and were furious. My grandmother immediately wired her parents and they wired back saying "hope you are as happy as we have been."

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