Monday, January 03, 2011

Happy New Year!

I'm back...well sort of. I never really went away.

I feel like I've been doing nothing but going to and from work in the dark and spending my days running around the store trying to get things done, which includes adjusting to my new role at work. I've been chasing people down, managing staff, helping customers, and in general dealing with the Xmas rush. The lower level of the store is still not complete, but it's the closest it has ever been. On Friday (New Year's Eve) we opened the grocery, and the deli will open most likely tomorrow. The lower mainland's first vegan deli. It's pretty exciting.  I have to say that I'm a little bit terrified. When I look at the work involved on paper, it all seems like it will go so smoothly. The reality will be a little bumpier until we get into a new routine.

On top of it all there is still staff to settle in, and we've got to hire at least one more person, maybe two to ensure we get the coverage that we need.


I hope everyone had a good holiday. My family spoiled me, as did db. It was nice to have 3 days off at Christmas. I did wake up Christmas morning with a cold (what a nice gift!) that delayed our Christmas meal until boxing day, but it did mean that I got to spend the day on the couch doing absolutely nothing. I tried going to Wildlife Rescue on Monday, but my cold was still making me miserable so I had to leave early.

Yesterday, I went out for my long run and after about 30 minutes of slogging along (I wasn't having a good running day), I saw what looked like an injured Varied Thrush.

It was hopping along the sidewalk trying to avoid me. I slowed to a walk and watched the bird try to avoid me. It couldn't fly up over the wall that it was trying to get over. It seemed to be able to fly low to the ground, but not for very long. It kept landing in the Cotoneaster waiting for me to leave. I knew I had to catch it and take it to Wildlife Rescue, and eventually I got the chance to cover it with my running jacket and I held on to him and called db to come and rescue us.

db brought a shoebox and I placed the thrush inside the box on a small towel, and poked a few airholes in the box while we drove to Wildlife Rescue. Once there I dropped the thrush off, knowing I'd be able to check up on his status when I go in for my shift today.

Since we were at Burnaby Lake, I decided to finish my run there. db waited for me and then we drove home. When I got home there was a message from the staff at Wildlife Rescue informing me that they think the thrush has conjunctivitis and that they hoped I had washed my hands, and to make sure I put my jacket into the wash right away since it's highly contagious.

Hmm...I went for a run after saving the bird. I did put my gloves on and I was pretty aware that I hadn't washed my hands while I was running so I was careful not to touch my face. I did take my jacket into the laundry almost immediately because I knew the bird had soiled the jacket and I'm very careful with the cats whenever I come home from Wildlife Rescue because of all the sick and injured wildlife. So far I have no signs of anything so I'm hoping that even though I didn't wash my hands until home, I at least am careful.

I'm about to head to Wildlife Rescue now, so maybe I'll follow with an update for you on the bird's progress.


mister anchovy said...

Happy New Year!

Anonymous said...

What happened? That was a great story, and hooray for you for the rescue!