Sunday, April 19, 2009

I have only a few words to sum up my week: playoff hockey, grammar, moving, painting, and running. Of course there's work in the daytime, but work is a given so there's no real need to mention that (I guess I just did though).


I can't talk too much about that now. db did win the pool for the regular season so that was great news. Let's see how we do in the playoff pool.


It all seems to be coming together. I have two more classes and then the take-home exam that we have two weeks to complete.


We've moved the majority of the boxes. db completed two runs (or was it three?) while I was working this week. There are just odds and ends to pack now and seeing as the movers are coming this Saturday for the furniture, I expect I can pack up quite a bit of it.

Yesterday and today we moved more boxes, db's tools, and the wine. The new place is getting pretty full. We've tried to keep as much clear space as possible for moving furniture.


Also in the last two days we painted the bedroom, the bathroom, and the kitchen. I hope I don't have to paint for a long, long time.


Last Sunday I didn't run with the RR group because...well because the weather was way too crappy. I knew I had Monday off and I'm glad I waited because Monday was beautiful so I went out for a 10 k run. I have no idea what the group was planning on doing, so I just ran a distance I felt good about doing.

This Sunday I did run with the group and knew we'd be doing 20 k, which is our last big run before the race, and I felt okay about going out and trying to go the full distance. This time I was better prepared with my Sharkies for fuel.

We ran quite a bit of trail that really went up and down a lot. I managed to keep pace, only dropping off once, but then I caught up with the group again. In the end I finished with the front pack and I was thrilled! Now I know I can do the half in two weeks.


Wandering Coyote said...

Grammar? What did I miss...?

What a pain moving is, eh? It's nice to do it in stages, though, and I'm glad the place is vacant now so you can do that.

sp said...

I'm taking a grammar course, which is something I've always wanted to do.